UPstaging takes your place up a notch, or two…or as many as necessary, to create a space that’s irresistible to Buyers.

It’s no secret that how a home looks and feels impacts a Buyer’s perception of its worth. Luckily, there’s a lot we can do to influence that perception!

Our goal is to make Buyers fall madly in love with your home.

The UPstaging team, exclusive to Sellers working with the BREL team, is armed with a staging warehouse full of furniture and accessories to fit every decor, and guided by market research that helps us know just what your target Buyer is looking for.

Today’s Buyers see right through artificial staging with cold, lifeless rooms. They fall in love with homes they can actually see themselves living in, homes that look lived-in, with style. Our design team can use your current furniture and style as the canvas or completely reimagine your space to make it show its absolute best.

Great staging can make a space feel aspirational. We believe every home has the potential to be the envy of others.

UPstaging is about so much more than just ‘staging’.