The UPstaging UPlift is available exclusively to Sellers who choose to sell their Toronto home with the BREL team.

The UPstaging UPlift includes:

1. Assisted Home Preparation

  • A customized home prep to-do list for your home
  • Access to over 100 trusted home professionals providing more than 50 types of home services
  • Coordinating home professionals for the preparation of your home

2. Staging

  • Rearranging your existing furniture to optimize the use and flow of each room
  • Adding furniture, art, accessories and linens
  • Enhancing your current lighting to set the stage
  • De-staging once the sale is firm so you can get back to normal life

3. Professional Cleaning

4. Seller Concierge Services which might include:

  • Supplying packing supplies and boxes
  • Coordinating offsite storage
  • Making junk removal arrangements
  • Donating unwanted items
  • Making extra sets of keys
  • Being on-site to meet tradespeople
  • Finding reputable pet sitters or dog walkers
  • Running sale-related errands