While the fall hardly needs romanticizing with its colourful landscapes, crisp fragrant air, and opportunities to get cozy in our favorite comfy clothes, those of us who favor the glorious season will always find a way. As the seasons change so too should our décor. It doesn’t need to be drastic, but there should be some reflection of what happens in the natural world around us in our homes. This is even more necessary, in my opinion, when we’re selling. If ever there were ever a time to ‘romanticize’ your home it’s when you’re trying to entice others to buy it. With the stress of an impending move on their doorstep, those who sell with BREL will be relieved to know that their in-house staging team, UpStaging, put the romance in romanticizing. Here is our list of simple ways to embrace the fall with your home décor.

All Things Entrance

Seasonal Decor Upstaging TO

Who doesn’t love driving by a home with a gorgeous garden? The colour and style it adds to the front of a home is eye-catching and exactly what you want potential buyers to notice after the for sale sign. Gardens can be tricky in the fall, however, so adding colour to your steps, porch, and the door is vitally important. Try adding:

  • Fall wreaths that draw the eye to the entrance; they’re also a great way to jazz up old doors that don’t stand out on their own.
  • Fall planters that act as a fall garden- at Upstaging we like to flank a front door with fall planters made up of appropriately coloured mums with cabbages intertwined and often add pumpkins and gourds on each side.
  • When there are more than three steps leading up to the door it’s always nice to have plants and pumpkins spilling down them like a fall cornucopia welcoming guests and making them envious of your festive display- one that could be theirs this time next year.

Tis The Season for Getting Cozy

Seasonal Decor for Staging

Fireplaces and mantles are even more attractive in the fall when we can turn them on and instantly create ambience. For those of us without them however there are other ways to make a space feel warm and inviting:

  • Add scarves and hats to coat racks and hooks near the door.
  • Display a woven basket in the living room with extra blankets and pillows spilling out of it.
  • Throws can be layered in behind decorative pillows on couches and accent chairs and hung from decorative ladders.
  • Beds should be plumped up with duvets and coverlets, throws and pillows- fall bedding = more layers and darker colours.
  • Groups of candles at staggered heights make great centerpieces and fireplace alternatives.
  • Attractive cookware (think Le Creuset) can adorn the stove- the fall is a time for hearty cooking after all.

Colour Pallets Taken From Mother Nature

Seasonal Decor the BREL team

There’s no need to entirely redecorate a home every season, but adding or replacing certain elements like pillows, throws and art can make a significant difference to the overall feel of a space.

  • Neutral couches are an easy place to start so consider replacing any pastel coloured pillows with deeper, richer tones.
  • Earth tones and jewel tones are easy to incorporate and add warmth to a space.
  • Copper and gold accents are fall essentials and pair well with wood, concrete, or black accents but should be avoided if you have lots of silver or chrome in your space already.
  • Art can be larger and more moodier. Oversized black and white art always looks good but consider using pieces with bolder colours that compliment the room.

Your home’s interior décor may be the last thing on your mind when you’re trying to sell your home but it doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Seasonal décor adds character and charm to a home and can even help to overshadow potential flaws buyers might see. For this reason alone, home staging is always a good idea to give your home the competitive edge it deserves. Professional designers and stagers outfit every home listed by the Brel team with everything needed to make your home shine in every season. If you’re planning on enlisting the help of an expert to sell your home, why not enlist the help of staging experts to get it ready for its close up?

Written by: Kiel Storms. To read more about him, click here. 

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